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    Amazon Workers’ Compensation Claims

    Are you an Amazon employee who has suffered an injury on the job? Stan Gregory has over twenty years of experience helping workers get their due compensation — even from giant corporations like Amazon. You might think that taking on a massive organization like Amazon is an impossible feat, but Stan Gregory knows that no corporation is above the law. He will fight on your behalf and help you navigate the tricky legal minefield that is the Amazon workers’ compensation process.

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    Did You Suffer an Injury While Working for Amazon? 

    Amazon is a non-subscriber for workers’ compensation. This means they offer their own compensation plans to injured employees. Essentially, Amazon sets the rules and expects you to understand them fully when filing workers’ compensation claims.

    Amazon has set the playing field against you. Stan Gregory, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney, has two decades of experience fighting the non-subscriber system. He will provide legal counsel and represent you and your interests during hearings and legal proceedings. When it comes to taking on big business interests, Stan Gregory is your NJ workers’ compensation lawyer.

    What to Do If You’ve Suffered a Workplace Injury at an Amazon Location

    There are three steps you must take if you receive a workplace injury at Amazon.

    1. Seek medical attention and keep all medical records — even if the injury is minor.
    2. Report the incident to your supervisor immediately. Provide an incident report via email and by hard copy. Even if you are not sure the incident resulted in an injury,, you must do so – some injuries take weeks or months to develop.
    3. Seek legal counsel before making official statements or talking to insurance claims adjusters. 

    Common Work Injuries at Amazon

    Due to the scope of roles offered at Amazon, workplace injuries are widespread and diverse. The most dangerous roles at Amazon are in their fulfillment centers, also known as warehouses, where employees work long hours in hazardous conditions. In an alarming report, the Washington Post reported that 5 in every 100 warehouse workers experience a serious injury. This is nearly double the injury rate of competitor warehouses. 

    Due to the heavy lifting, twisting, and exertion at breakneck speeds, Amazon employees often suffer from a myriad of neck, shoulder, back, and knee injuries. There are also the Amazon robots that effectively count as semi-autonomous heavy machinery. In the cramped and frantic warehouse where these robots operate, injury rates are 50% higher than those warehouses without robots.

    Filing a Workers Compensation Claim For an Amazon Workplace Injury

    After reporting the incident, if you did not need emergency medical attention, you will be prompted to see a doctor to obtain medical evidence. Usually, you must see a doctor provided by Amazon, so you should go prepared with the right questions and know what you need to ask of them.

    Gathering witness reports from fellow employees is also vital and will help bolster your chances of a successful claim. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you improve your chances of getting your due compensation.

    Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Amazon Employees

    Here are some workers’ compensation benefits NJ residents may be entitled to:

    Lost Wages

    Up to 70% of wages you lose from not being able to work pay out to you in weekly installments.

    Medical Expenses

    This benefit covers most medical expenses, such as hospital stays, surgeries, appointments, procedures, and prescriptions. Beneficiaries can also expect a certain set amount of physical therapy or related therapy sessions as well.

    Temporary Partial Disability Benefits

    If you are unable to work regular hours or get assigned to light duty as a result of your injuries, this benefit covers up to two-thirds of the difference between what you were once making and your post-injury pay.

    Temporary Total Disability Benefits

    If you cannot work while recovering, you may be eligible for Temporary Total Disability Payments. This covers a percentage of your pay while you are unable to work. Payments end if you reach the maximum of 400 weeks of payments or when a doctor clears you to return to work.

    Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

    You may be permanently disabled but still able to work. This benefit helps cover the costs of lifetime care and other medical expenses due to your permanent disability. Examples of scheduled disabilities include visual or hearing impairments or the loss of limbs, while unscheduled disabilities, although more difficult to label, can include heart, lung, or back issues.

    Permanent Total Disability Benefits

    Permanent disability benefits would apply to an injured worker who can no longer work due to their disability. This benefit can apply to a worker who might perform work in another capacity but can no longer perform their former job. Loss of both arms and complete blindness are examples of total disability.

    Death Benefits

    Dependants of employees who die due to a workplace accident are eligible to receive a payout to cover funeral expenses and other associated costs.


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    Why It’s Difficult for Amazon Workers to File for Compensation

    Amazon is notorious for not keeping the best records when it comes to accidents and incidents. They received several fines by OHSA for underreporting workplace incidents and, perhaps intentionally or perhaps incidentally, engaging in a culture that seeks to downplay injuries. 

    This makes it difficult for injured workers to get the support they need from their job. It is why the help of a trusted workers’ comp attorney is a must for anyone taking on Amazon.

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