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    Have you experienced a workplace injury in Bordentown, NJ? If you suffer an injury and seek workers’ compensation benefits, trust New Jersey worker’s compensation attorney Stan Gregory and put his twenty years of experience fighting on behalf of injured workers on your case!

    Many Bordentown residents are unaware that insurance companies only make money from shareholders when they have a high denial rate. This is a blatant conflict of interest. Stan Gregory combats this flagrant disregard for the injured workers of New Jersey, and he’s been doing so for his entire career. 

    When you call Stan Gregory, know that his consultations are free and that he only takes cases on contingency, so there are no upfront costs to you. So call today at 609-281-5100 and get your due compensation.

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    What a Workers’ Comp Attorney Does to Help You

    Workers’ compensation attorneys help injured workers through the entire process of securing benefits. In addition, they act as advisors giving counsel on correctly submitting a claim and what medical evidence filers should seek to help their claim. 

    Also, they are advocates for their clients during negotiations and hearings. Workers’ compensation lawyers are incredible assets to have on your side while you fight to get your due compensation.

    What To Do If You’re Injured in a Workplace Accident

    You must take the following three steps to ensure you receive your full compensation. 

    1. Report the Incident
    2. See a Doctor
    3. File Your Claim

    Reporting the Incident

    This is the crucial first step in securing workers’ comp benefits. You must report an incident to your supervisor to have a concrete record of the cause of your injury. Without an incident report, your case will go nowhere.

    We suggest reporting an incident even if you are unsure whether or not you’re injured. Some injuries take weeks or months to manifest. If you experience something that could potentially lead to an illness or injury during work, it’s best to get it on record.

    Seeing a Doctor 

    After reporting the incident, you’ll need to see a doctor. The doctor’s report is the foundational document that determines which benefits if any, you receive. Workers’ comp attorneys know which medical evidence will best suit your case, so their counsel on the matter is indispensable.

    If you are a federal employee or otherwise protected under FECA, the Federal Employee’s Compensation Act, you can see a doctor of your choice to secure the medical evidence and doctor’s report. However, if unprotected by FECA, you’ll have to see a doctor provided by your employer before visiting one of your choice.

    Filing Your Claim

    This is the final step before any hearings or negotiations with the insurance company. Workers’ comp attorneys help clients navigate the confusing legalese and make sure the claim is accurate and compliant. Remember, insurance companies are looking for any reason to deny your claim, so a 100% accurate and complete form is essential. Contact Stan Gregory today at 609-281-5100 and get the process started on the right foot.

    Bordentown Workers’ Compensation Benefits

    Lost Wages

    This benefit allocates injured workers a percentage of their average weekly earnings. Usually, the percentage is around 70%. The lost wages benefit lasts from the occurrence of the injury until a doctor approves your recovery. 

    There are some additional restrictions. For example, your payout cannot exceed 75% of the Statewide Average Weekly Wage (SAWW), nor can it fall below 20% of it.

    Medical Expenses

    Worker’s comp benefits also cover medical expenses you owe due to your injury and subsequent recovery. For example, this benefit covers hospital stays, surgeries, other procedures, medication, and certain therapies.

    Some procedures like acupuncture, chiropractic, or physical therapy are usually limited to a set amount of sessions, and workers’ comp may not cover other therapies at all. However, it is possible to have the number of sessions extended through a petition.

    Temporary Partial Disability Benefits

    If your injury still allows for you to work at a reduced capacity while recovering from an injury or illness, then this benefit applies to you. Temporary partial disability benefits provide a percentage of the difference between a worker’s pre-injury and post-injury recovery wages. Temporary partial disability benefits calculate at two-thirds of the difference.

    Temporary Total Disability Benefits

    It is possible that you won’t be able to return to work until you are fully recovered. Temporary total disability benefits cover two-thirds of your prior income to help support you while you are recovering. These weekly payments stop upon a doctor’s approval of your return to work or if you hit the total allowed amount. The cap is 400 weeks of payments.

    Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

    You may be partially disabled due to your workplace injury, but you can still work after recovering. Examples of these types of injuries classify into two categories — scheduled and unscheduled. Scheduled injuries are tangible, visible injuries like partial blindness or the loss of digits or a limb. Unscheduled injuries are harder to see — like heart, lung, or back injuries. In these cases, the type and severity of your illness determine your benefits.

    Permanent Total Disability Benefits

    Sadly, there are workplace injuries that leave a worker permanently disabled. If these employees can no longer work or no longer perform their previous job’s specific functions, they are eligible for permanent total disability benefits. In addition, total blindness, deafness, or the loss of more than one limb can qualify you for permanent total disability benefits.

    Death Benefits

    In a worst-case scenario, a worker may die due to a workplace injury. If this happens, then their dependents are eligible for death benefits. Defining “dependents” in this context is broad in Bordentown, NJ. Call workers’ compensation lawyer Stan Gregory at 609-281-5100 to determine if you are eligible for death benefits.


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    What Bordentown Workers’ Compensation Covers

    Workers correctly assume that workers’ compensation coverage applies to any illness or injury sustained during an accident at work. However, they might not be aware that this coverage can also apply to diseases and injuries that develop over time.

    Illness from exposure to harmful substances, like cancer or kidney disease, as well as repetitive stress or strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome or back issues, are also covered if you can tie them to the workplace.

    Common Workers’ Compensation Questions for Bordentown

    Does Workers’ Comp Have a Limit?

    Yes, there is a limit. If approved, workers’ comp will cover medical expenses, missed wages, and prolonged disability. But, temporary total disability benefits cap out after 400 weeks of benefits. Other benefits stop at the doctor’s discretion.

    What Happens When My Claim is Only Partially Paid?

    Call Stan Gregory at 609-281-5100 to learn if you are being denied your full benefits. It is possible that the insurance company isn’t allowing your full compensation so that they save money.

    What Happens if My Employer Does Not Have Workers’ Comp Insurance?

    If your employer doesn’t have this type of insurance, then they are guilty of a class A misdemeanor. Unfortunately, you will need to file a personal injury claim for your workplace injury to receive due compensation. It is a different court system, and therefore the procedures and rules governing it are different.

    Can I Get Both Disability and Workers’ Comp?

    Yes, it is possible to receive both social security disability and workers’ compensation. For example, if you cannot work in any capacity due to your injury, disability will cover you. Also, if that injury was a workplace injury, you can file for workers’ compensation benefits.

    Trust Stan Gregory as Your Bordentown Workers’ Comp Lawyer

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