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    Dana Askew
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    Candise Tanner
    Saw Mr. Gregory on a vehicle accident my daughter was involved in. He explained all of her options and was very professional and friendly.
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    Ileana Oyola
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    Heather Tidwell
    Stan and his team are the absolute best!!! From start to finish you know you are in capable and competent hands. They will walk you through the entire process and make sure you know what's going on with your case every single step of the way. Professional and caring is a hard combo to come by when dealing with the legal system but Stan and his team have mastered it. In the hardest moments of your life when everything goes sideways or even upside down these people will be there to offer you the absolute best in support and protection during unsure and scary circumstances. They are family and have gotten us through our darkest days.
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    John Killeen
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    John Phile
    I had a phenomenal experience hiring Stan as counselor. He treats people with respect, communicates well, listens, but is still extremely confident in his approach. I hope I never have to hire him again, but if I needed to I wouldn't hesitate.
    christina krajcsovics
    christina krajcsovics
    Very knowledgeable and professional! Stan was my husband's attorney and we highly recommend him!
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    Kristi Caesar
    Simple the Best!!!!
    Claudia Storicks
    Claudia Storicks
    Stan is a very knowledgeable lawyer who provides excellent service and outcomes. His staff also are kind and professional. He fights for each client as if they are family. My case had some unusual twists and turns with it and Stan was still able to obtain the best outcome possible and pursued an elusive defendant. If you ever are in an accident, Stan Gregory should be your first choice in defense.

    Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Chesterfield, NJ

    Are you a Chesterfield, NJ resident who is looking for a workers compensation attorney? Trust Stan Gregory, an experienced New Jersey workers’ comp attorney with over twenty years of experience helping New Jersey residents receive their due compensation from insurance companies. 

    These insurance companies have an egregious conflict of interest that may be keeping you from receiving your due compensation. They only turn a profit when they deny your workers’ compensation claims, giving them the incentive to undercut the hardworking residents of New Jersey.

    Stan Gregory has dedicated his entire career to leveling the playing field and negating the insurance companies’ home-field advantage. This is why New Jersey trusts him to get workers their due compensation. Call Stan Gregory today at 609-281-5100 for your free consultation. We only take cases based on contingency, so you pay no up-front costs.

    Stan Gregory

    How a Chesterfield Workers’ Comp Attorney Helps

    Workers’ compensation lawyers help guide workers through the process of filing a claim and acquiring the proper medical evidence to support their case. They also act as legal counsel, representing their clients during negotiations with the insurance companies and during any legal proceedings.

    The help of a workers’ comp attorney is crucial because the complicated legal process puts filers at a disadvantage. This is where workers’ comp lawyers level the playing field. They are your guides through the process and have the knowledge and expertise to help workers successfully file their claims.

    Steps You Should Take If You’re Injured at Work

    There are three steps you must take if you experience a workplace injury.

    1. You must first report the incident. You won’t have much of a case if there isn’t a record of your injury or an incident that led to an injury or illness. However, you should file a report even if you aren’t sure the incident resulted in an injury. This is because some injuries and illnesses take time to develop, and you’ll want the documented evidence that you can tie your illness or injury back to.
    2. You need to see a doctor. Unless protected by FECA or the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act, you’ll need to go to a doctor chosen by your employer before seeing one of your choice. A workers’ compensation attorney can help you request the medical evidence that will best support your claim.
    3. Finally, you must file your claim. A workers’ compensation lawyer can help you make sure your claim is accurate and compliant. Insurance companies will see the tiniest of errors as a reason to reject your claim altogether. Remember, they only profit when denying your claim.

    If you would like a free consultation, contact Stan Gregory today at 609-281-5100. He can help you receive your due compensation.

    Workers’ Comp Benefits in Chesterfield

    If you suffer a workplace injury or accident in Chesterfield, NJ, then you may be eligible to receive the following benefits:

    Lost Wages

    Lost wages covers any lost income you missed out on while injured and recovering. This benefit lasts from the first missed day of work up until a doctor approves your return. During this time, you receive weekly payments equal to 70% of your average weekly earnings. Additionally, your payout cannot exceed 75% of the Statewide Average Weekly Wage (SAWW), nor can it fall below 20% of it.

    Medical Expenses

    Workers’ comp benefits will also cover most medical expenses you incur during your illness or injury and recovery. Expect coverage for hospitalizations, procedures, surgeries, therapies, prescription drugs, and other costs. The coverage window lasts from the time of injury till a doctor reports a full or partial recovery. 

    Keep in mind that some procedures, like acupuncture or chiropractic and physical therapy, are usually limited to a set amount of sessions that you can petition to extend.

    Temporary Partial Disability Benefits

    Sometimes an injured worker can work reduced hours while recovering, depending on the scope and severity of the illness. This benefit helps to cover the difference between your previous earnings and what you are making while recovering. Temporary partial disability benefits calculate at two-thirds of the difference.

    Temporary Total Disability Benefits

    It is possible that you cannot return to work until fully recovered. Temporary total disability benefits will help cover your lost income during your recovery. Recipients of this benefit can expect two-thirds of their regular income and start receiving payments as early as three days from being out of work. Payments stop when a doctor approves your return to work or if you reached the maximum of 400 weeks of payments.

    Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

    You may be partially disabled after recovery, despite still being able to work. If this is the case, then you may be eligible for permanent partial disability. The type and severity of illness determine a worker’s payment amount. In this benefit, disabilities are either scheduled or unscheduled. Scheduled disabilities are visual or hearing impairments or the loss of limbs. Unscheduled disabilities are more difficult to label — like heart, lung, or back issues.

    Permanent Total Disability Benefits

    If you cannot perform, in any capacity, the tasks required of your previous job due to your injury or illness, you are eligible for permanent total disability. Additionally, this can apply to those workers who can no longer perform at their old job but can work another job. Total blindness or the loss of both legs are examples of total disability. 

    Death Benefits

    The dependents of workers who die due to illness or injuries received while on the job can also receive benefits. Legally, “dependents” is a broadly interpreted phrase covering many types of relationships in New Jersey. Call Chesterfield, NJ, workers’ compensation lawyer Stan Gregory to determine if you can receive death benefits.


    What Workers’ Compensation Covers

    New Jersey workers correctly assume that workers’ compensation will cover one-time workplace accidents. However, they may not know that prolonged illnesses, repetitive strain, or stress injuries are also covered.

    For example, an employee has coverage even if they develop a long-term chronic illness or injury due to exposure to a harmful substance at work, even though there isn’t one specific accident or incident that led to the disease or injury. The same is true for injuries resulting from prolonged, repetitive stress caused by typing, standing, sitting, or heavy labor. Examples of these injuries are CTS, tendonitis, and other strain or stress injuries.

    Does workers’ compensation cover your workplace injury? Call Chesterfield workers’ compensation lawyer Stan Gregory at 609-281-5100 to determine if you are eligible to receive benefits.

    Workers’ Compensation FAQ

    Does Workers’ Comp Have a Limit?

    Yes. There are limits to certain workers’ compensation benefits. For example, workers’ comp will cover any medical expenses, missed wages, and support you through a prolonged disability. But, certain disability benefits cap out after 400 weeks of payments. Other benefits cease at a doctor’s discretion.

    What Happens When My Claim is Only Partially Paid?

    You may be eligible for more benefits, depending on the specifics of your injury or illness. Call Stan Gregory at 609-281-5100 to see if you are being denied your full benefits.

    What Happens if My Employer Does Not Have Workers’ Comp Insurance?

    It is a class A misdemeanor for employers not to have worker’s compensation insurance. Unfortunately, you will need to file a personal injury claim for your workplace injury to receive due compensation. A different court system handles these cases and not through workers’ compensation courts.

    Can I Get Both Disability and Workers’ Comp?

    Yes, it is possible to receive both social security disability and workers’ compensation. If you are unable to work due to your injury, disability will cover you. However, if that injury was a workplace injury, you are also entitled to workers’ compensation.

    Contact Stan Gregory for Your Free Workers’ Comp Consultation

    Remember, the insurance companies profit from denying, delaying, and reducing your due benefits. If you think you have been unfairly denied or received insufficient benefits, call Stan Gregory today at 609-281-5100. You deserve your due compensation.

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