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    If you’ve been injured or contracted an illness or disease while working, your first priority should be taking care of yourself and doing what you need to do to heal and recover. An experienced Marlton workers’ compensation attorney will help you file your claim and fit the insurance company if your claim is denied or is being underpaid.

    Don’t waste your energy worrying about covering medical bills and other expenses. Put our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers to work for you. By working with our trusted workers’ compensation lawyers, you can ensure that your claim is getting the attention and consideration it deserves, and you are getting the full benefit you are entitled to. 

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    How Workers’ Compensation Works in New Jersey

    Workers’ compensation in New Jersey is a legislated no-fault system, meaning that an injured employee does not have to sue their employer and prove that their employer was at fault for causing their injury in order to receive benefits. This system preserves the employer-employee relationship, allows workers to be paid quickly, and keeps disputes over the cause of workplace injuries from clogging the NJ court system. 

    When people think about the phrase workers’ compensation they might mistakenly think that it covers only workplace injuries. In fact, any occupational disease such as a repetitive stress injury, or illness caused by exposure to harmful substances at work, is covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. 

    Call Marlton workers’ compensation lawyer Stan Gregory to discuss your case. Our attorneys can help you get the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve. 

    What Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits Are Available in New Jersey?

    Lost Wages

    Called “temporary total disability workers’ compensation benefits,” 70% of their average weekly wage is paid to employees who have missed more than seven days of work due to a work-related illness, disease, or injury. Your temporary total disability payments will not exceed 75% of the Statewide Average Weekly Wage (SAWW) and will not fall below the minimum rate of 20% of the SAWW.

    If an employee returns to work, the benefit ends. If further medical treatment will not improve their condition, they may be entitled to additional payments.   

    Medical Treatment, Care, and Rehabilitation

    Workers’ compensation insurance must pay for any necessary and reasonable medical expenses  including hospitalization, therapies, aids, and prescriptions needed by employees who are injured or contract an illness or disease in the course of their employment. 

    Permanent Total or Partial Disability Benefits

    Permanent partial disability benefits are for workers who sustain a permanent injury, including impairment of or loss of certain body parts such as arms, hands, feet, legs, fingers, toes, ears, teeth, or eyes (“scheduled” losses). This benefit may also be available to employees who suffer a back injury or develop problems with their heart or lungs (“non-scheduled” losses). 

    Very severe work-related illnesses or injuries could render an employee permanently unable to work in their former job or any job. In these situations, the employee may receive permanent total disability benefits through workers’ compensation. 

    Death Benefits

    If you are a dependent of an employee who died from a workplace injury or illness, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation in NJ. Spouses, children, and other family members in the employee’s household may qualify as a “dependent” for the purposes of receiving this benefit. IF you are unsure whether you qualify as a dependent, our legal team can help you find out.

    The family of a deceased worker is entitled to a death benefit which will cover funeral expenses of up to $3,500.


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    Commonly Asked Questions About Workers’ Compensation 

    Is There a Limit to Workers’ Compensation Benefits? What Do I Do if I Run Out?

    Marlton workers’ compensation lawyer Stan Gregory can help you. Yes, there is a limit, and when your benefits run out you may be entitled to disability payments. Call us to find out more.

    Can I Be Fired for Filing a Workers' Compensation Claim in NJ?

    No. While you may feel hesitant to file a workers’ compensation claim out of fear you will be fired, don’t worry. NJ law prohibits employers from firing employees for filing workers’ compensation claims or missing work due to a workplace injury, disease, or  illness.

    Who Is Eligible for Workers' Compensation in NJ?

    Suffering a workplace injury or illness does not automatically mean that you are eligible for workers’ comp benefits. Workers’ compensation is only available to those who are legally classified as “employees.” By law, the following groups do not qualify for workers’ compensation in NJ.

    • Freelance workers/independent contractors
    • Unpaid volunteers and/or interns
    • Sole proprietors with no employees

    Unfortunately, employers may misclassify employees as something else in an attempt to circumvent the requirement to carry workers’ comp coverage. However, in many instances a 1099 or temporary worker can be classified as an “employee” for workers’ comp purposes.

    If you are unsure whether or not you are employed by your place of work for the purposes of workers’ comp coverage in NJ, call Marlton workers’ compensation lawyer Stan Gregory for help.

    Can Workers' Compensation Be Taxed in NJ?

    No. Under NJ state law, workers’ compensation benefits cannot be taxed as income.

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    While you are not required by law to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer to handle your workers’ compensation claim, it is highly recommended that you do so because the insurance companies do not have your best interests at heart. Insurance companies only make money if they deny claims, delay paying claims, or underpay claims, and you know that they have teams of lawyers on their side to help them do that – at your expense.

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