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    Do you need the services of a workers’ compensation attorney in New Jersey? Stan Gregory has been helping the residents of New Jersey receive their due benefits for over twenty years. Trust the aptitude and expertise of one of New Jersey’s leading workers’ compensation lawyers to ensure you get your due compensation.

    Insurance companies have a glaring conflict of interest because they only turn a profit when they deny the hardworking residents of New Jersey their due compensation. Stan Gregory has built his entire career around advocating for workers’, rights and he will help you stand up to the insurance companies and get you your workers’ compensation benefits. 

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    What Does a Workers’ Comp Attorney Do?

    Workers’ compensation attorneys help injured workers navigate the complicated and often overwhelming process of filing a claim. They also advocate on behalf of their clients during negotiations and the ensuing legal proceedings, should your case require it.

    Stan Gregory has two decades of experience advocating for injured employees. He can help you navigate the confusing filing process and defend your case at the negotiation table and in court. With his counsel, you can stand up to the insurance companies and get your due compensation.

    What Should You Do If You’re Injured On the Job?

    There are three crucial steps you must take if you get injured or think you may have suffered an injury on the job.

    1. It is vitally important that you report the accident or incident as soon as it happens. Your case will sink or swim based on the record of events and the amount of evidence you bring to the table. It is essential to report the incident even if you are unsure if you received an injury. Some illnesses and injuries take time to develop. 

    Therefore, if you wait to report the incident that led to the eventual illness or injury, missing the window of time allotted for you to report, then you may not be eligible to file based on that particular incident.

    2. You must next see a doctor. Usually, you must see a doctor chosen by your employer before seeing one of your choice. However, if you are federally protected under FECA or the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act, this rule does not apply to you, and you can see the doctor of your choice right away. 

    The doctor’s report is a crucial part of your case because it is the document that both the insurance company and your advocates will use to negotiate what benefits you are eligible to receive.

    3. After obtaining the doctor’s report, you have enough information to file your claim. A workers’ compensation lawyer can help you make sure your application is compliant and accurate. Insurance companies will look for every chance they can get to deny, delay or reduce your claim, so it is essential to file it correctly. 

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    Workers’ Comp Benefits

    Here are the workers’ compensation benefits entitled to North Hanover, NJ residents:

    Lost Wages

    This benefit acts as a replacement for any lost income while you are out of work and recovering. The coverage period lasts from the first missed day of work up until a doctor approves your return. During this time, you receive weekly payments equal to 70% of your average weekly earnings. Additionally, your payout cannot exceed 75% of the Statewide Average Weekly Wage (SAWW), nor can it fall below 20% of it.

    Medical Expenses

    Workers’ comp benefits will also help cover most medical expenses you incur during your illness or injury and subsequent recovery. Some covered expenses are hospitalizations, procedures, surgeries, therapies, prescription drugs, and other costs. The window lasts from the time of injury till a doctor reports a full or partial recovery. 

    Note, however, that some procedures like acupuncture or chiropractic and physical therapy are usually limited to a set amount of sessions.

    Temporary Partial Disability Benefits

    Sometimes an injured worker can work reduced hours while recovering, depending on the scope and severity of the illness. This benefit helps to cover the difference between your previous earnings and what you are making while recovering. Temporary partial disability benefits calculate at two-thirds of the difference.

    Temporary Total Disability Benefits

    It is possible that you cannot return to work until fully recovered. Temporary total disability benefits will help cover your lost income during your recovery. Recipients of this benefit can expect two-thirds of their regular income and start receiving payments as early as three days from being out of work. Payments stop when a doctor approves your return to work or if you reached the maximum of 400 weeks of payments.

    Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

    You may be partially disabled after recovery, despite still being able to work. If this is the case, then you may qualify for permanent partial disability. The type and severity of illness determine how much payment a worker receives. In this benefit, disabilities are either scheduled or unscheduled. Scheduled disabilities are visual or hearing impairments or the loss of limbs. Unscheduled disabilities are more difficult to label — like heart, lung, or back issues.

    Permanent Total Disability Benefits

    If you cannot perform your previous job due to your injury or illness, you are eligible for permanent total disability. Additionally, this applies to those workers who can no longer perform their old functions but can work another job. Total blindness or the loss of both legs are examples of total disability. 

    Death Benefits

    The dependents of workers who die due to illness or injuries received while on the job are eligible to receive benefits. Legally, “dependents” is a broadly interpreted phrase covering many types of relationships in New Jersey. Call workers’ compensation lawyer Stan Gregory to learn if you are eligible to receive death benefits.


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