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    Have you sustained an injury or fallen ill while at work or doing a work-related task? If the answer is yes, you may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits in NJ. Working with an trusted workers’ compensation lawyer attorney in Pennsauken can help you get a better understanding of your situation and which benefits you may or may not be entitled to under workers’ compensation. 

    Stan Gregory, Esq. is a workers’ compensation lawyer in Pennsauken who has helped injured workers in NJ for more than 20 years. With his expertise, he can help you through the process of filing a workers’ compensation claim and addressing any issues that may arise along the way. 

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    How an Experienced Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Can Help Your Case

    On the surface, filing a workers’ compensation claim in NJ may seem easy and straightforward. In reality, however, the process can be intimidating for those who do not have legal experience. Although employees are not required to seek legal advice when filing their claim, hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer is highly recommended. By working with a workers’ comp lawyer you can gain a better understanding of your rights. A workers’ comp attorney in Pennsauken may also help deal with any denials, delays,  or underpayments that may occur.

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    The 4 Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits in NJ

    The state of New Jersey offers different types of workers’ compensation benefits depending on the specifics of your situation. Below are the four categories:


    If your work-related injury or illness has resulted in you needing medical attention, you may be able to receive the medical workers’ compensation benefit. This workers’ compensation benefit makes it possible for employees to receive necessary and reasonable treatment, hospitalization, and prescriptions. Employees should keep in mind that their employer has the right to select the employee’s treating physician.

    Temporary Total Disability

    In lots of cases, being injured or falling ill at work means that employees will have to miss work temporarily. In this case, NJ law defines being temporarily out of work as having to miss more than 7 days due to your work-related injury or illness. This benefit will pay 70% of your average weekly wage. NJ.Gov provides additional details by stating that “temporary total disability cannot exceed 75% of the Statewide Average Weekly Wage (SAWW) or fall below the minimum rate of 20% of the SAWW.”

    Permanent Total Disability

    Sadly, some employees are so severely injured or seriously ill that they will never be able to return to work. The permanent total disability workers’ compensation benefit is designed to help employees in this situation. Permanent total disability is paid on a weekly basis and becomes when temporary total disability ends.


    When most people hear of workers’ compensation they automatically think of injured employees. What many people don’t realize is that family members may also be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if a loved one dies as the result of an accident or illness at work. In order to qualify for this benefit, you must be a dependent of the deceased. NJ law defines a dependent as a child or spouse of the deceased who was living in the deceased’s household at the time of their death.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Workers’ Compensation in NJ

    How Long Can I Receive Workers’ Compensation Last In NJ?

    Knowing how long you can expect to receive your workers’ compensation benefits can help give you peace. The amount of time workers’ compensation benefits can be paid depends on which benefit you are receiving. 

    • Temporary total disability workers’ compensation benefits can last for up to 400 weeks.
    • Permanent total disability workers’ compensation benefits can last for the employee’s lifetime.
    • Death workers’ compensation benefits typically last for a maximum 450 weeks; however, they can last longer
    • Medical benefits can last for the length of time an employee is being treated for their work-related illness or injury.

    Can I Be Fired for Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim in NJ?

    Some people may be hesitant to file a workers’ compensation claim out of fear they will be terminated. NJ law prohibits employers from firing employees for filing workers’ compensation claims; however, your employment may be terminated if it is determined that your claim was fraudulent.

    Is A Workers’ Compensation Claim Considered a Lawsuit in NJ?

    Workers’ compensation claims in New Jersey are not considered law suits. You are not suing your employer by collecting workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation is considered a no-fault system which means that the employee is not responsible for proving that their employer is at fault for their injury or illness.

    How Long Do I Have To File A Workers’ Compensation Claims in NJ?

    The statute of limitations for filing workers’ compensation claims in New Jersey is two years from the date of the injury.

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