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    If you’ve been injured or contracted an illness on the job and you live or work in Springfield, you need a New Jersey workers’ compensation lawyer with the experience and skill to help you get the compensation you are due. 

    Insurance companies, like any other type of business, focus on making profit for their shareholders. They only turn a profit if they collect premiums and deny, delay, or underpay workers’ compensation claims. 

    Springfield workers’ comp lawyer Stan Gregory has over twenty years of legal experience successfully fighting on behalf of the workers of New Jersey. He can help you get the workers’ compensation benefits you are due.

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    How a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Helps You

    Why do you need a workers’ compensation attorney? Of course you could try to file a claim yourself, but you should be spending your time and energy healing, not dealing with the complicated claims process. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney in Springfield will advise and counsel you during the complicated journey to secure workers’ compensation benefits, and will vigorously advocate for you with the insurance company and in workers’ compensation court to get you your full benefits. 

    Workers’ compensation attorney Stan Gregory is ready to help you prepare your case and represent you at hearings and in negotiations. You don’t have to fight the insurance company and their team of lawyers alone!

    Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Springfield, NJ

    Prior to the enactment of the workers’ compensation statute, victims of workplace accidents had few legal options and were often forced to rely on their families and charities for economic support. Workers’ compensation insurance now provides generous benefits to victims and their families. An NJ workers’ compensation attorney can help you maximize your benefits.

    Lost Wages (Indemnity)

    Some workplace accidents cause injuries which prevent victims from working. Prior to the passage of the Workers’ Compensation Act, many injured workers and their families faced the difficult choice of falling into poverty or continuing working while injured. Workers’ compensation insurance now provides wage replacement benefits which allows injured victims to focus on their recovery.

    Medical expenses

    New Jersey law requires workers’ compensation insurance to pay for an injured worker’s medical treatment. This is arguably the most popular benefit provided by the workers’ compensation system. Stan Gregory’s legal team will fight to ensure you receive the medical treatment you need to fully recover from your workplace injuries.

    Temporary Disability Benefits

    If your injury leaves you temporarily unable to work, you may be eligible for temporary disability benefits (TTD). TTD will pay 70% of your pre-injury wages until you are able to return to work or until you have reached maximum medical improvement. Our Springfield, NJ, workers’ compensation lawyers will assist you in filing for these medical benefits to ensure you receive the financial support you need during your recovery period.

    Permanent Disability Benefits

    In cases where an injury causes a worker to become either permanently or totally disabled, they may be entitled to permanent disability benefits. To obtain these benefits, New Jersey law requires a worker to provide medical evidence of a functional restriction which prevents them from being able to work. Due to the generous nature of permanent disability benefits. Insurance companies often contest these claims which is why representation by an experienced Springfield, NJ, workers’ compensation attorney is essential.

    Death Benefits

    Sadly, some workplace accidents are fatal. If you had a loved one who tragically lost their life due to a work-related incident, you may be eligible for death benefits under New Jersey law. Our compassionate workers’ comp attorneys will guide you through the process of seeking these benefits and provide the support you need during this difficult time.

    Social Security Disability

    In certain situations, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits in addition to your workers’ compensation benefits. However, the total amount of benefits you receive cannot exceed 80% of your pre-injury earnings. If the combined amount of your benefits exceeds this 80% threshold, your social security disability benefits will be reduced.

    Public Employee Disability Pension Benefits

    Public employees who have suffered work-related disabilities may be entitled to disability pension benefits. However, injured employees are not allowed to simultaneously collect workers’ compensation and disability benefits. If this occurs, an employee’s workers’ compensation benefits will be reduced.

    How to Handle a Workplace Injury

    Victims sometimes make simple mistakes following workplace accidents. Employers and insurance companies exploit these mistakes to deny otherwise valid claims. If you get injured or develop an illness or condition at work, there are certain steps you can take which will increase the legal strength of your worker’s compensation claim.

    Get Medical Care

    Employers sometimes encourage injured employees to use their vacation time or health insurance following a workplace accident. Worse yet, some employers discourage injured employees from seeking medical care. Following a workplace accident, it is essential for you to obtain the medical treatment you need to recover from your personal injury or illness.

    Document & Report Your Injury

    Proper documentation and reporting of your work-related injury are crucial for a successful workers’ compensation claim. If your employer lacks knowledge of the accident, New Jersey law requires you to file a report within 14 days of the accident. Our law firm will guide you through the process of documenting and reporting your injury to ensure your claim is strong and well-supported.

    Review Claim Status

    Workers’ compensation claims are sometimes dismissed because employees essentially abandon their claims. If you have already filed a workers’ compensation claim but need clarification on its status, we can help. Our workers’ compensation attorneys will review the current status of your claim and provide you with the necessary information and guidance to move forward.

    What To Do If Your Workers Comp Claim Was Denied

    Due to workers’ compensation benefits’ extensive and generous nature, it is not unusual for insurance companies to deny valid claims. They do this to discourage injured employees from pursuing workers’ compensation benefits. If your workers’ compensation claim has been denied, our experienced workers’ comp attorneys are here to assist you.

    Contact A Workers Comp Attorney

    Your employer’s insurance company wants you to refrain from speaking with a workers’ comp attorney. Stated simply, they do not want you to know your rights. Contact the law office of Stan Gregory for a free consultation and learn more about the benefits you can claim.

    Common Reasons For Denial

    Understanding the common reasons for workers’ comp claim denials is essential. Despite the no-fault nature of workers’ compensation insurance, there are several defenses an insurance carrier can raise, such as wilful misconduct, horseplay, and intoxication. Our attorneys will assess the grounds for denial and develop a strong litigation strategy.

    Filing an Appeal

    You can file an appeal if your workers’ compensation claim was denied. Under New Jersey law, your case will be appealed to the Appellate Division of the Superior Court. Our skilled attorneys will navigate the complex appeals process on your behalf, gathering the necessary evidence and presenting a compelling case to secure the benefits you deserve.


    Workers’ Compensation Coverage

    New Jersey law requires employers to purchase workers’ compensation insurance. Eligible employees, i.e., full-time employees, are entitled to make claims for benefits. Specifically, eligible employees can make claims for workplace injuries and illnesses which occurred during the scope and course of their employment.

    Musculoskeletal Injuries

    Many workers’ compensation claims involve workers’ suffering physical impacts due to objects or falls. These accidents cause workers to suffer musculoskeletal injuries, such as strains, sprains, and fractures. Workers who suffer musculoskeletal injuries often need extensive physical therapy to fully recover.

    Traumatic Injuries

    Some workplace accidents cause workers’ to suffer life-altering injuries. Thankfully, traumatic injuries, such as those involving machinery accidents and construction site accidents, are covered by workers’ compensation. Our Springfield, NJ attorneys will help you navigate the claims process and fight for the benefits you deserve.

    Occupational Illnesses

    New Jersey law defines an occupational illness as one which arises out of the scope of employment due to the material used or workplace conditions. Workers who develop illnesses due to exposure to hazardous substances or conditions in the workplace are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Stan Gregory’s dedicated legal team will ensure your occupational illness claim is handled effectively.

    Mental Health Conditions

    Some injuries are not physical. Workers’ compensation also covers mental health conditions which arise from work-related stress, trauma, or other factors. Our compassionate attorneys understand the significance of mental health and will fight for your right to receive compensation for your condition.

    When Workers Comp Benefits Stop

    Understanding when workers’ compensation benefits may cease is crucial. Some benefits have set time limits. However, there are instances in which benefits may be modified, suspended, or terminated early.  

    Termination of Benefits

    Workers’ compensation benefits cannot be summarily terminated. Workers’ comp benefits may be terminated when the injured worker has recovered and is deemed fit to return to work. Additionally, your employer’s insurance company can file a petition to terminate your benefits if you intentionally fail to appear for a medical examination or disobey medical advice.

    Modification of Benefits

    In certain cases, New Jersey law allows the amount of workers’ compensation benefits to be modified. Unlike a termination, a modification means benefits are being reduced. Modifications are permitted if an employer proves they suffered prejudice due to an employee’s refusal to submit to medical treatment.

    Signs of Petition for Modification

    As with terminating benefits, employers are not permitted to modify benefits arbitrarily. Your employer may be considering a modification if they ask you to undergo a medical examination or additional medical treatment. If you suspect your employer is preparing a petition to modify your workers’ comp benefits, such as reduced payments or changes in your medical treatment plan, our attorneys can provide the necessary legal representation to protect your rights and challenge the modification.

    Suspension of Benefits

    Workers’ comp benefits may be suspended temporarily or permanently under certain circumstances. Specifically, New Jersey law allows benefits to be suspended if an employer obtains evidence of fraud. Additionally, benefits can be suspended if an employee is untruthful regarding their medical history.

    Challenging Workers’ Compensation Suspension

    Challenging the suspension of workers’ compensation benefits requires a strong legal strategy. Specifically, you must effectively rebut evidence of fraud or misrepresentation presented by your employer. Our skilled attorneys will gather the necessary evidence and present a compelling case to challenge a suspension of your benefits.

    Reinstatement of Workers’ Comp Benefits

    You can file a petition to reopen your claim If your workers’ compensation benefits have been terminated due to you reaching maximum medical improvement. The petition must be filed within two years from the date you were last paid benefits. Your petition must include evidence proving your injury has worsened.

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    Workers Compensation FAQ

    Does workers’ comp have a limit in NJ?

    Yes. Four hundred weeks is the cap for certain disability benefits, while other benefits cease when a doctor clears you to return to work.

    What happens when my claim is only partially paid?

    Insurance companies frequently underpay claims, hoping you will just settle for what they gave you. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can determine if you are being denied your full benefits and help you fight back. Call Stan Gregory today at 609-281-5100. He will fight for your rights to receive the correct benefits and no less.

    What happens if my employer does not have workers' comp insurance?

    If your employer does not have workers’ compensation insurance, you may receive compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and disability through New Jersey’s uninsured employer’s fund. You should know that in New Jersey, it is a class A misdemeanor for employers not to have worker’s compensation insurance.

    Can I get both disability and workers' comp benefits?

    It is possible to receive both social security disability and workers’ compensation benefits. If you are unable to work due to your injury, disability will cover you. However, if that injury occurred in your workplace, you may also qualify for workers’ compensation. Call Stan Gregory for help applying for and getting all of the benefits you may qualify for.

    What if an employer refuses to file my claim?

    New Jersey law requires your employer to file a first report of an accident within 21 days. Your employer may face legal penalties if they fail to file a claim. If your employer refuses to file your workers’ compensation claim, it is essential to seek legal assistance promptly.

    What is the statute of limitations for filing a workers' comp claim?

    Each State imposes time limits on filing potential legal claims. This time limit is known as a statute of limitation. The statute of limitations for filing a workers’ compensation claim in New Jersey is two years.

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