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    Workers who file for worker’s comp are often denied because they do not have solid legal representation behind them. Insurance companies only profit when claims are denied. Hence, there is a tendency for companies to search meticulously for errors in filing or honest mistakes made by well-intentioned filers. These companies then take advantage of intentionally complicated legalese to run circles around filers who often have little time to focus on building a legal case.

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    How Can a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Help Me? 

    A workers’ compensation lawyer can help injured workers throughout every phase of their case. Our worker’s compensation lawyers are knowledgeable resources and can be consulted every step of the way.

    Firstly, they can help you file a claim correctly and increase your chances of success. The process of filing a workers’ compensation claim can be quite burdensome, especially when recovering from an injury and focusing on healing. A small mistake on the forms can cause your claim to be denied. Experienced worker’s comp lawyers are adept at navigating the legalese and can set your claim up for success.

    Secondly, they know what types of medical evidence will best support your case. You’ll have to visit a doctor, and usually, that doctor is paid for by your employer. You’ll want to seek legal advice on what type of medical evidence, testing, and other data you should ask the doctor for. 

    The third task worker’s compensation attorneys can help workers with is legal representation. They will act as advocates for the worker during the settlement negotiations and, if it goes to court, during the judicial process. The benefit of having an experienced lawyer by your side cannot be understated.

    What to Do if You’re Injured At Work

    There are three steps you need to take to file a worker’s compensation claim successfully:

    1. You must first report the incident to your supervisor.
    2. Next, you must visit a doctor.
    3. Finally, you must file your claim. 

    Fortunately, New Jersey workers file under the “no-fault” system. This means the injured employee does not need to sue the employer or prove that the employer was at fault or otherwise negligent to receive benefits. This makes the process faster and less negative for both parties.

    Filing the Report

    You need to file the report as soon as a potential injury happens — even if there aren’t apparent injuries right away. Filing an incident report when something happens guarantees that there is a record that something happened. This is crucial for injuries that take time to manifest, like strain or back damage. 

    Also, If you miss the window of time set for reporting incidents, you cannot file a claim based on that incident. Even if you are not sure you are injured, if something happens on the job, you must file an incident report — your future self will be glad you did if an injury emerges later on.  

    Visiting the Doctor

    After filing the incident, you’ll need a doctor’s report and any medical evidence that helps your case. The doctor’s report is crucial for your case because it is the primary document that all parties use to negotiate your due compensation. 

    If you are protected under the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA), then you may see a doctor of your choice. For employees not protected under FECA, you must first see a doctor paid for by your employer, then wait 30 days to see a doctor of your choice.

    Filing the Claim

    Finally, it is time to file your claim. It is best to consult with a worker’s compensation lawyer to help you navigate the legal process and make sure your form is compliant and accurate. Trust an experienced worker’s comp lawyer: Contact Stan Gregory at 609-281-5100 and put his two decades of experience to work for you.

    Available Workers’ Compensation Benefits in New Jersey

    The following is a list of common workers’ compensation benefits you may be eligible for if your claim is approved:

    Lost Wages

    The lost wages benefit ensures that you have a steady income while recovering. The benefit is applied from when you start missing work to when you return. During this time, you receive weekly payments equal to 70% of your average weekly earnings. Additionally, your payout cannot exceed 75% of the Statewide Average Weekly Wage (SAWW), nor can it fall below 20% of it.

    Medical Expenses

    Workers’ comp benefits also cover any medical expenses, such as hospitalization, procedures, therapies, prescription drugs, and other costs you incur during your illness or injury. The window lasts from the time of injury till a doctor reports a full or partial recovery. 

    However, some procedures like acupuncture, chiropractic, or physical therapy are usually limited to a set amount of sessions. It is possible to apply for more sessions as needed.

    Temporary Partial Disability Benefits

    If your injury has forced you to work reduced hours, you are then eligible for temporary partial disability benefits. This benefit helps to cover the difference between your previous earnings and what you are making now. Temporary partial disability benefits are calculated at two-thirds of the difference.

    Temporary Total Disability Benefits

    Temporary total disability benefits are for people who cannot return to work until fully recovered. You receive two-thirds of your regular income and can start receiving payments as early as three days from being out of work due to your illness. Payments stop when a doctor approves your return to work or if you reached the maximum of 400 weeks of payments.

    Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

    This benefit protects permanently disabled employees who can still work despite the effects of their injury. The type and severity of illness determine how much a worker is paid. In this benefit,  disabilities are considered either scheduled or unscheduled. Scheduled disabilities are visual or hearing impairments or the loss of limbs. Unscheduled disabilities are more difficult to label — like heart, lung, or back issues.

    Permanent Total Disability Benefits

    If you can no longer work due to your disability, you can receive permanent total disability benefits. Additionally, this can apply to those workers who can no longer perform their old job but can work in another capacity. Total blindness or the loss of both arms are examples of total disability. 

    Death Benefits

    The dependents of deceased employees can also receive benefits. For example, if a family member dies in a workplace accident, any dependents are eligible for a payout. Defining “dependents” is broad in New Jersey. Call Trenton workers’ compensation lawyer Stan Gregory and determine if you are eligible for death benefits.


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    What Does Workers’ Compensation Cover in New Jersey?

    Usually, workers’ compensation is used to cover one-time workplace accidents. Although, prolonged illnesses or repetitive strain, or stress injuries are also covered.

    For example, if a worker is exposed to harmful chemicals that later result in cancer or other illness, this would be covered. Worker’s compensation also covers injuries resulting from prolonged, repetitive stress caused by typing, standing, sitting, or heavy labor. Bask issues or CTS that develop over time are covered under worker’s comp.

    Do you want to know if workers’ compensation covers your workplace accident? Call our experienced team of workers’ comp lawyers in Trenton today.

    Frequently Askeed Questions About Workers’ Compensation

    Does Workers’ Comp Have a Limit?

    There is a limit to worker’s compensation benefits. If approved, workers’ comp will cover medical expenses, missed wages, and prolonged disability. But, temporary total disability benefits cap out after 400 weeks of benefits. Other benefits stop at the doctor’s discretion.

    What Happens When My Claim is Only Partially Paid?

    There is a chance you can receive more. Call Stan Gregory at 609-281-5100 to learn if you are being denied your full benefits.

    What Happens if My Employer Does Not Have Workers’ Comp Insurance?

    It is a class A misdemeanor for employers not to have worker’s compensation insurance. Unfortunately, you will need to file a personal injury claim for your workplace injury to receive due compensation.

    Can I Get Both Disability and Workers’ Comp?

    It is possible to receive both social security disability and workers’ compensation. If you are unable to work in any capacity due to your injury, disability will cover you. If that injury was a workplace injury, then you are also entitled to workers’ compensation.

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