Workers' Compensation Assistance after a Walmart Work Accident

    Are you a Walmart employee who received an injury on the job? For two decades, Stan Gregory has helped employees just like you fight for their due compensation from employers who make the process difficult. When you are up against a corporate colossus like Walmart, it might seem like an overwhelming task to fight for your workers’ compensation benefits. However, Stan Gregory knows that no corporation is above the law, and he can help you secure your due compensation.

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    Filing for Workers’ Compensation Claim After a Work-Related Injury in Walmart

    Walmart uses a third-party administrator, or TPA, to process all workers’ compensation claims. This TPA is Claims Management, INC, and it performs all of the administrative tasks, i.e., sorting, investigating, and following through on personal injury and workers’ compensation claims. Though Claims Management is technically a third party, they represent the interests of Walmart and will act with biases in favor of their client. It is their job to save Walmart money.

    What You Should Do If You’re Injured On-the-Job at Walmart

    There are three crucial steps you need to take if you suffer an injury on the job at Walmart. 

    1. If the injury is apparent and requires medical attention, prioritize your health first. Request copies of all medical evidence — doctors’ reports, tests, and lab results. 
    2. Report your injury to your supervisor in writing. Hand deliver it as well as send it via email. The more ways you can communicate your issue, the more foundation your case will have. 

    Consult a worker’s compensation attorney before giving a recorded statement to Claims Management.

    Walmart is Self-Insured with Its Own Administrator

    Walmart is a company headquartered in Texas, and they are technically designated as a non-subscriber employer. This means that they offer their own insurance plans and are not subscribed to other insurance plans through the state. Because non-subscriber employers design their own system, they often skew the process to favor their own monetary interests. 

    This puts workers at a disadvantage. These companies work just within the bounds of legality, and it takes an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer to help injured workers navigate the legalese and oftentimes over-complicated process. 

    How a Workers’ Comp Attorney Can Assist You After an Injury

    When dealing with non-subscriber employers, it is vital to the success of your case that you seek legal counsel before giving their insurance adjusters official statements. Walmart, working through Claims Management, has a reputation for its aggressive approach in trying to expedite the investigation process. Never provide a recorded statement without consulting a workers’ comp attorney.

    Not only does a Walmart workers’ comp attorney provide counsel, but they also negotiate on your behalf during hearings and — if it comes down to it — legal proceedings. Like other large corporations who use their own insurance programs and operate through TPAs, Walmart takes advantage of employees and their unfamiliarity with workers’ compensation laws. Do not go up against them without proper, experienced representation


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    Available Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Walmart Employees

    1. Temporary total disability: Walmart will pay injured employees to cover lost wages when a doctor advises work restrictions that limit their ability to work.
    2. Temporary partial disability: If Walmart offers fewer hours or light-duty work as a physician advises, they will help cover lost wages from shorter hours or reduced pay. However, Walmart often suggests you take a leave of absence from work after 90 days of reduced hours or light duty if you are not fully recovered. This is a tactic you can fight.
    3. Permanent partial disability: This benefit covers limb loss or function in a limb or other body part. You receive this benefit even after returning to work.
    4. Lump-sum workers compensation settlements: Sometimes, injured employees receive an offer of a large lump sum intended to cover multiple years of wage loss and any medical expenses. If offered this, you must consult with a workers’ compensation attorney to see if their offer is actually a good deal.
    5. Lifetime medical benefits: this covers any and all treatments deemed reasonable, necessary, and related to your injury.
    6. Job Training / Vocational Rehabilitation: Walmart offers injured employees training and helps build skills if those employees must switch roles or need help performing their old job.
    7. Fatal Accidents: If a loved one dies as a result of a workplace injury, their beneficiaries can receive compensation and benefits.

    Walmart Workers’ Compensation FAQ

    Here are some questions we frequently receive from injured Walmart workers:

    How Long Do I Have to File a Walmart Workers’ Comp Claim?

    You have a window of six months to file a claim with Claims Management. However, we advise that you do not wait that long. The sooner you file, the better your case will be.

    Does Walmart Workers’ Compensation Have a Limit?

    Yes, according to most Sam’s Club and Walmart plans, there is a total limit of $300,000 of benefits per employee and no more than $1,000,000 of benefits per occurrence if there are multiple injuries. With today’s medical expenses and stagnating wages, $300,000 may not be nearly enough.

    What Are Common Injuries at Walmart?

    Walmart facilities require a diverse set of workers and skills to function appropriately. Walmarts hire bakers, chefs, mechanics, stockers, warehouse workers, forklift operators, office administrators, sales floor associates, cashiers, and cart attendants. Each role has its own associated risks.

    Regardless of the role, most Walmart employees must spend hours at a time on their feet, walking around, hauling inventory, or operating machinery. Fatigue and long hours can result in any of the following injuries:

    • Back Injuries
    • Ankle Injuries
    • Knee Injuries 
    • Neck and Shoulder Injuries
    • Overuse Injuries like CTS or Tendonitis
    • Slip and Fall Injuries

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