Dana Askew
    Dana Askew
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    Candise Tanner
    Saw Mr. Gregory on a vehicle accident my daughter was involved in. He explained all of her options and was very professional and friendly.
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    Ileana Oyola
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    Heather Tidwell
    Stan and his team are the absolute best!!! From start to finish you know you are in capable and competent hands. They will walk you through the entire process and make sure you know what's going on with your case every single step of the way. Professional and caring is a hard combo to come by when dealing with the legal system but Stan and his team have mastered it. In the hardest moments of your life when everything goes sideways or even upside down these people will be there to offer you the absolute best in support and protection during unsure and scary circumstances. They are family and have gotten us through our darkest days.
    John Killeen
    John Killeen
    John Phile
    John Phile
    I had a phenomenal experience hiring Stan as counselor. He treats people with respect, communicates well, listens, but is still extremely confident in his approach. I hope I never have to hire him again, but if I needed to I wouldn't hesitate.
    christina krajcsovics
    christina krajcsovics
    Very knowledgeable and professional! Stan was my husband's attorney and we highly recommend him!
    Kristi Caesar
    Kristi Caesar
    Simple the Best!!!!
    Claudia Storicks
    Claudia Storicks
    Stan is a very knowledgeable lawyer who provides excellent service and outcomes. His staff also are kind and professional. He fights for each client as if they are family. My case had some unusual twists and turns with it and Stan was still able to obtain the best outcome possible and pursued an elusive defendant. If you ever are in an accident, Stan Gregory should be your first choice in defense.

    What a Workers’ Comp Attorney in Westampton Can Do For You

    If you are out of work due to a workplace injury, illness, or disease, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to help cover the cost of medical expenses, lost wages, and more. Stan Gregory is a workers’ compensation lawyer in Westampton who has handled workers’ compensation claims for over 20 years.

    We have experience fighting denied workers’ compensation claims and helping get employees the benefits they deserve. Shareholders only make money when your employer’s insurance company denies your workers’ compensation. This means that legitimate claims are often denied. At Stan Gregory, we can help you protect your workers’ compensation benefits.

    We believe in a transparent and thorough workers’ compensation process. From filing your initial claim to fighting claim denials, our workers’ compensation lawyer in Westampton will be with you every step of the way. 

    If you want an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in New Jersey, call Stan Gregory today at 609-281-5100. We take workers’ compensation on contingency, so you won’t have to pay out of pocket for expenses.

    Stan Gregory

    What Should I Do If I’m Injured in a Workplace Accident?

    New Jersey state legislation created workers’ compensation to help injured workers get paid, preserve the employer-employee relationship, and prevent courts from getting clogged with workplace injury disputes. This means that you won’t have to sue your employer and prove the injury was their fault to receive benefits.

    Instead, you only need to write a report to your supervisor documenting the accident. Most states have short deadlines for filing a report to be eligible for workers’ compensation, so don’t wait to file a report after your workplace injury. Even if you don’t know the extent of your injuries when reporting the accident, you are protecting your benefits once you learn more or experience symptoms later.

    Once you file a report, you will need to visit a doctor so they can document your injuries. The Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA) protects federal workers which allows them to select a qualified doctor to treat them. If you are not covered by FECA, you will need to see a doctor paid for by your employer. After 30 days, you can choose another physician to treat you and write a complimentary report of your injuries. These reports made by your doctor(s) will have a significant impact on the benefits you receive based on the extent of your injury and the treatments you need for rehabilitation.

    If you want help getting the benefits you deserve and filing your workers’ compensation claim, call our workers’ compensation lawyer in Westampton, Stan Gregory, today.

    Workers’ Comp Benefits in New Jersey

    Lost Wages

    Between the time of your injury to when you return for work, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Lost wages will cover this time where you are out of work and missing paychecks. This type of workers’ compensation is calculated at 70% of your average weekly and pays weekly. These benefits will not exceed 75% of the Statewide Average Weekly Wage (SAWW) and will not fall below the minimum rate of 20% of the SAWW.

    Medical Expenses

    Workers’ compensation can cover all of your medical expenses, including hospitalization, procedures, therapies, and prescription drugs. Treatments such as physical therapy and chiropractic therapy are limited to a specific number of sessions that workers’ comp can cover. More sessions can be covered if your physician recommends that they are still needed in your recovery.

    Your medical expenses will payout immediately and continue until you recover.

    Temporary Partial Disability Benefits

    If your workplace injury has caused you to work limited hours or duties, you’re entitled to temporary partial disability benefits. This type of workers’ compensation will cover two-thirds of the difference between your income before and after your injury.

    Temporary Total Disability Benefits

    This type of workers’ compensation helps cover employees who cannot work due to their injury. Temporary total disability benefits help cover the paychecks you’re missing while you are unable to work. These benefits are two-thirds of your income and can be received after a period of three to seven days of being out of work.

    You can continue collecting temporary total disability benefits until you can return to work, your disability cannot continue improving, or you’ve reached 400 weeks of benefits.

    Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

    If your workplace injury left you with a permanent disability, but you can continue working, you are eligible to collect permanent partial disability benefits. This workers’ compensation is based on the level of your disability and can be categorized into two groups: scheduled loss and unscheduled loss.

    Scheduled losses are injuries found within the state’s laws. These include the loss of body parts such as legs, fingers, eyes, or hands. Unscheduled losses are those not covered by the law and are harder to calculate a level of disability. These include back injuries or problems with the heart and lungs.

    Permanent Total Disability Benefits

    This type of workers’ compensation covers employees who can no longer work in the same job or cannot work in any job due to their workplace injury. These benefits often cover more severe injuries such as blindness or the loss of both arms. You will get paid at the same rate as permanent partial disability benefits and will continue to receive these benefits for the duration of your life.

    Death Benefits

    If you are a dependent of someone who has died in a workplace accident, you are entitled to workers’ compensation. Death benefits include $3,500 for funeral expenses as well as a lump sum of money. 

    In NJ, the term “dependent” is not easily defined. If you are unsure if you are considered a dependent, call Stan Gregory today at 609-281-5100.


    What Is Covered by Workers’ Comp in Westampton, NJ?

    One-time accidents such as losing a limb are covered under workers’ compensation in Westampton, NJ. However, there are more broad categories of accidents that are also covered. These include illnesses and repetitive injury.

    Workers’ compensation covers illnesses caused by exposure to a substance such as chemicals in the workplace. Examples of these illnesses include black lung, asbestosis, heart disease, high blood pressure, and lung cancer. Repetitive injury is any injury that develops over time due to the demand of your job. Examples include carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and back pain.

    If you are unsure if your injury will be protected under workers’ compensation, workers’ compensation lawyer in Westampton, Stan Gregory, can help.

    Common Questions About Workers’ Compensation in Westampton

    Does Workers’ Comp Have a Limit?

    Yes, there are some limits placed on workers’ compensation. While your medical expenses and lost wages will be covered, there are durations on how long you can collect certain benefits. For example, temporary total disability benefits are limited to 400 weeks, and therapy treatments are often limited to a certain number of sessions.

    What Happens When My Claim is Only Partially Paid?

    If your claim is only partially paid, workers’ compensation lawyer in Westampton, Stan Gregory, can help you get the benefits you deserve.

    What Happens if My Employer Does Not Have Workers’ Comp Insurance?

    If your employer doesn’t have workers’ compensation insurance, you will need to file an injury claim. Most states require employers to have workers’ compensation insurance, which means your employer would be guilty of a class A misdemeanor.

    Can I Get Both Disability and Workers’ Comp?

    Yes, you can receive disability and workers’ compensation. If you can no longer work in any job, you are eligible for disability. If a workplace injury is the reason you can no longer work in any job, you are also entitled to workers’ compensation.

    Contact Stan Gregory for Your Free Workers’ Comp Consultation

    While you can file your own workers’ compensation claim, it’s important to note that insurance companies only make money when your claim is denied, delayed, or underpaid. A workers’ compensation lawyer can help you fight against this conflict of interest and receive the benefits you deserve.

    If you want a workers’ compensation lawyer in Westampton that cares about you and your benefits, call Stan Gregory today at 609-281-5100.

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